Out technology tools drive savings, efficiency and mobility to your corporate travel programme

Account management

Our Account Management team offers unique solutions to help you manage travel expenses while providing the highest levels of reliable services that you and your travellers deserve.

Our core travel management services are complemented by an impressive and innovative range of supporting and added value options that help you to manage your business travel account and budgets more efficiently and effectively. Whether you require full account management or a bespoke mix of our services detailed below, we can create the right solution to suit your travel needs.

Allied Traveller’s account manager will provide you:
  • Monthly account facility for regular business clients
  •  MI/Travel Reports
  •  Assistance with Travel Policy Management
  •  Adherence to your travel policy as standard
  •  Managing supplier negotiations, corporate mileage schemes
  •  Development of communication and end-user materials
  •  Travel alerts and updates
  •  Traveller tracking – enhancing security and Corporate Social Responsibility
  •  Full 24/7 service for emergency bookings and amendment

Our account managers are experienced in relationship management, supplier contract negotiations and client service management. They have extensive product knowledge in an increasingly dynamic marketplace which simplifies the decision making process for our customers. Your account manager will become a valued corporate travel consultant to your company by developing business plans and working with vendors to keep you apprised of industry trends and benchmarking metrics, as well as ensuring your corporate business travel service and vendor goals are met and exceeded.

MIS Reporting

We transform your travel data into actionable information helping you deliver savings, control spending and better manage supplier contract negotiations. Our Management Information (MI) solutions, which can be further customised by you, is complemented by an Advisory Services practice line, offering in-depth analysis of programme information to develop a strategy for meeting client reporting needs.

A Detailed Monthly Report will be furnished to provide you specific information regarding your travel experience & expenses; we will even show you how much money you are saving when travelling with us!

Data Management

We understand the importance of accurate and timely management information. Data collection standards vary enormously around the world especially in terms of accuracy and the methods used to gather information. These can range from the ‘high tech’ or automated solution to the ‘low tech’ or manual solution. In all cases the data must be verified for its accuracy before reports are issued as mistakes can and do happen. Where manual systems predominate, extra time has to be allowed for the data to be processed.

Allied Traveller’s overall responsibility for the client relationship takes control of all data and the subsequent production of Management Reports. Once a file format has been agreed with the client as to the most important factors for the account, we confirm a reporting schedule. Clearly automation provides the greater levels of efficiency for all concerned.

Expense Management
Travel and expense management solutions

High-performing organizations choose Allied Traveller and expense management solution to automate and streamline expense report approval and management. With Allied Traveller’s expense management services  you can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to submit, approve, process, and pay expense reports. The creation of integrated end-to-end travel and expense management systems offer even greater advantage and supports complex global business needs.

Our business travel and expense management products and services provide visibility and tools to help your organization:

  • Increase business productivity
  • Manage business travel policy
  • Audit performance
  • Boosts traveller compliance with preferred suppliers

The efficiency of our expense management system is complemented by the expertise of our support team who are always on hand to assist. The expense management system also encourages online adoption among users by allowing them to manage their entire travel-related spend within a single application.